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Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?

  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?
  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?
  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?
  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?
  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?
  • Who you would rather: Hogan, Boyd or Daniher?

If youíre an up and coming full forward in the AFL, 2015 could be your year. Itís hard to remember a time in the last decade where the competition has been so even.

The Tigers just beat the Swans. West Coast are second on the ladder and the Bulldogs are making believers out of everyone.

Wow. I didnít see any of that coming.

But if the half of the season has provided any certainty, it is the exciting crop of young full forwards rising in the AFL.

This 'who would you rather' is comparing three young forwards who have played under 50 games in the AFL and have a lot of exciting hype surrounding them.

So which future superstar would you rather Ė Jesse Hogan, Tom Boyd or Joe Daniher?

Jesse Hogan
Is it fair to say Jesse Hogan has been the Melbourne Football Clubís messiah? Well, thatís what it has seemed like in for first half of 2015.

The saviour. The future. The hero. Call him what you like Melbourne fans, but Jesse Hogan is the full forward you have been crying out for since David Neitzís retirement.

After spending 906 days as a Melbourne footballer on the sidelines, Jesse Hogan made his highly anticipated AFL debut in Round 1 this season.

And if Ďbuzzí had an image in the dictionary, other than a bee, there would be a picture of Hogan. And the buzz is justified.

Here are the numbers: 20 years old, 10 games and 22 goals and he is ranked fourth in the AFL for total contested marks. Melbourne has had an encouraging start to 2015, but Hogan could very well have a $500,000 price tag on him by the end of the season if he continues the way heís started.

His presence in the forward line is obvious. He is already a fan favourite and itís not hard to see why. His attack on the ball, his hunger for the contest and his ability to make consecutive efforts has the Demon army salivating.

The upside for Hogan is huge. He is well on his way to making his glimpses of brilliance a regular occurrence.

He is ten games in. I canít wait to see him at 50.

Tom Boyd
Like Hogan, Tom Boyd has massive expectations placed on him. But I guess thatís what you get when you are selected number 1 overall in the AFL draft. And I guess it's natural if you are a 200-centimetre tall, 100-kilogram forward. Oh, and then there was that seven-year, $7-million contract he signed in the offseason.

So I guess Boydís expectations are justified as well. He was originally drafted by the GWS Giants in 2013, and after one season, was traded to the Western Bulldogs in a sizzling trade exchange.

Just by looking at Tom Boyd, you get the feeling he is going to be an absolute star. However, people assumed that with Jack Watts and the verdict is still out on that one, isnít it?

Boyd an incredible athlete. With his height and his frame, Boyd has already been compared to the likes of Jarryd Roughead and Tom Hawkins.

He hasnít blown anyone away yet, but Boyd is developing. Like all of these young forwards, fans need to be patient with Boyd. Like the Dees, Boyd gives the Dogs structure and a marking target in the F50.

With a few more seasons under his belt, Boyd should mature into his body, and become the imposing, key forward he was recruited to be.

He has played 20 games for 23 goals. Heís a versatile player who will spend a lot of time as the second ruckman in his career.

If the Bulldogs havenít been exciting enough in 2015, wait until Tom Boyd starts to dominate.

Joe Daniher
If we are talking about inherent hype, thereís only one young forward who fits the bill.

Daniher. A surname that is much respected at the Essendon Football Club. Joe joined the Bombers under the father-son rule and was drafted pick 10 in the 2012 national draft.

The tall, lanky full forward reminds the black and red of a young Dustin Fletcher, just in the forward half.

Daniher is the most athletic out of the three forwards. He is very quick for his size, is a good lead up target and when he adds more muscle to his frame, will be very difficult to defend one-on-one.

With his combination of attributes, Daniher has the ability to mark the ball at its highest point, another feature that will give his opposing defenders a headache, or two.

With a lot of pressure placed on him to start his career, Daniher is getting better with every game he plays. He can play in the ruck, and will be an important chop out, after Ryder went off to Port.

He was Essendonís leading goal-kicker last year with 28 goals and has 20 already so far this season.

His inaccuracy is a flaw, but with the help of legendary Matthew Lloyd, that should be erased from his game soon.

Daniher has so much up-side and untouched talent that it would be very exciting to be an Essendon fan. He plays more of a centre-half forward role which is difficult for a young player. Essendon are struggling this year, but don't let that cloud your judgement of Daniher, who in some ways, is trying to lead the Essendon forward line all by himself.

He is the most experienced out of the three players Ė he has played 37 games for 51 goals, and has had a taste of finals action, where he kicked 4 goals mind you.

The decision
So there you have it. Three of the most exciting up and coming forwards in the AFL.

You can only have one. It's time to make your pick.

Who would you rather: Jesse Hogan, Tom Boyd or Joe Daniher?

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