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Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?

  • Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?
  • Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?
  • Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?
  • Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?
  • Who would you rather: Roughead or Franklin?

It has now been 11 years since Hawthorn unbelievably drafted both Jarryd Roughead and Lance Franklin within the first five selections of the 2004 national draft.

Roughead was pick 2, Franklin was pick 5. As teammates, they played in over 150 games together, kicked hundred of goals and won two premierships.

They were the two forceful, dynamic and, polar opposite pillars of Hawthorn’s dominant forward line. And then Buddy Franklin went to Sydney. And suddenly, the dynamic duo was no longer.

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So who would you rather have in your team, Jarryd Roughead or Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin?

Jarryd Roughead
Despite being the higher draft pick in 2004, Jarryd Roughead has always been considered second best to his former teammate Lance Franklin.

Whether he is or not is up to you to decide, but there has always been a consensus that Buddy was superior to Rough – until Buddy went to Sydney that is.

From the start of the 2014 season, Roughead has had the ability to finally conquer the Hawthorn forward 50 as his own. In fact, not only has become the number one target in the Hawks forward line, but Roughead has elevated himself to one of the best forwards in the AFL.

Since starting their AFL careers together in 2005, Roughead has played 219 games and has kicked 465 goals. Roughead is the definition of a key position player. And he doesn’t limit himself to one position. Roughead’s x-factor is his versatility.

He can play deep forward, centre-half forward, down back, have a crack in the middle, on the ball and provide a chop out in the ruck. Pretty impressive for a 100-kilogram, 193-centimetre athlete.

Roughead is a great contested mark. He’s strong, powerful and reliable is a marking contest. He’s athletic, unselfish and is a stunningly accurate shot for goal.

While Roughead often comes off as a low-key, relaxed guy, his passion and aggression on the footy field should never be questioned. He seems like he is a natural leader and could very well be the progressor to Luke Hodge’s captaincy. He has an overwhelming presence in the forward line which lets him demand the ball.

He battled an achillies injury in 2011, but since then, Roughead has been at the peak of his powers.

He’s playing in his 11th season and Roughead has already put together three 70+, two 50+ and two 40+ goal seasons in his career.


He was Hawthorn’s leading goalkicker in 2013 and 2014, he won his first Coleman Medal in 2013, is a two-time All Australian and a three-time premiership player.

Lance Franklin
Athletic. Breathtaking. Freakish. Exhilarating. Rockstar. Match-winner. Nine years, $10 million. It’s hard to think of many words that haven’t been used to describe Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin.

It’s a little poetic that him and Roughead seem to be polar opposites.

Franklin has swagger. Before moving to Sydney, it always seemed like Franklin enjoyed the spotlight. He plays with arrogance and he has good reason to.

It’s unbelievable that he was drafted fifth overall in the 2004 draft. Fifth? How? Many consider him to be one of the best in the game right now.

He currently sits at 216 games, having kicked 695 goals. He moved to the Swans in 2013 after a very successful period at Hawthorn.

In football terms, he has traded in his partnership with Roughead for a partnership with Kurt Tippett at Sydney. Was it worth it? Roughead has another premiership, but Buddy has, well, a lot of money. Whatever rocks your boat I guess.

Simply put, Franklin is just dazzling to watch. Whether he arcs it through from 50, dribbles from the boundary, outruns midfielders, completes chase down tackles or kicks 13 goals in the wet, Buddy is spectacular.

Has there ever been a player like him? He is the most athletically gifted player in the competition. The speed he displays is abnormal for his size and his ability to evade, dodge and shake defenders is eye-catching.

He can play both the hero and the villain, but whether you love him or hate him, you’d admit that Buddy is exhilarating to watch. He has the rare ability to change a game off of his own boot.

He is a five-time All Australian, three-time Coleman Medalist, seven-time leading goalkicker (six with Hawthorn, one with Sydney) and is a two-time premiership player with the Hawks.

While he has kicked plenty each season, his biggest individual success would be his 113-goal season in 2008. He is the last active AFL player to have an 100-goal season.

The decision
Roughy versus Buddy. Pick 2 versus Pick 5. Hawthorn versus Sydney. Forward versus forward. Do you go for the high-profile Franklin, or the low-key Roughead?

Do you want versatility, reliability, power and contested marking; or, do you want, speed, athleticism, a little razzle dazzle and the x-factor?

Who would you rather: Jarryd Roughead or Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin?

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